Cardinal Aqua Pure - The company failed to replace something they damaged during a service call.

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Cardinal Aqua Pure Sacramento, CA serviced my water filtration system and in the process, broke and cracked my garbage disposal unit that abutts their reverse osmosis water tank under my sink.

I brought it to their attention as soon as I found out after they serviced my system and they said since their technician said he didn't know anything about it, they couldn't confirm it was their company responsible for the damage. He was the only person working under the sink at the time and no one touches the water tank except for Cardinal Aqua Pure. They have refused to talk to me, even about how I would like the situation resolved. I just want to recoup my cost for the garbage disposal unit replacement.

The garbage disposal was relatively new. I managed to get it at cost, so I just want to be reimbursed $100.00. Of course the technician is going to deny he did anything or that he noticed any leakage. The water wasn't running and neither was the garbage disposal unit when he checked it and it had been less than a week from the time of the service call and my discovery of the cracked garbage disposal.

Even my plumber hadn't seen anything like that happen to a garbage disposal unit. Cardinal Aqua Pure, Inc. is not an honorable company and does not appreciate customer loyalty. I have been a loyal customer with them for 8 years and there had been no other problems between us during that time.

I am extremely disappointed by their behavior and lack of customer service and I wouldn't recommend anyone using their company ever!

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I have been a Cardinal Aqua Pure customer for over 14 years and find it commendable that the owner David Grant has come out several times at no charge comparing himself to the "country Dr." that still makes house calls.We found him to be very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and a man of integrity.

We would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to have the best water for their family.A++

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Curios rebuttal to the review, seeing that the company closed December 2012.

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I suggest you give him another chance, Ive been a loyal Cardinal Customer for 7 years and have never had any issues with them at all, in fact just the opposite. Mr. Grant has always gone above and beyond to keep us happy(even having a plumber come out at 11pm on a sunday to fix a leak on a coupling)

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